Online Monitoring System (Air & Water)

Online Monitoring System (Air & Water)

Monitor your Effluent as per CPCB / PCB Guidelines

In this regard we present to you the only comprehensive monitoring solutions available in the country that meets all the guidelines laid down by the CPCB/PCB.

Parameters Monitored

In addition the regulated parameters for online monitoring like BOD, COD, TSS, Cr, As, pH & Flow for all the types of Industries, our sensors are also able to measure parameters such as TOC, DOC, Turbidity, DO, NH4-N, NO3-N, AOC & Color.

Flexible Installation Mechanism

Our systems are capable of getting installed via a Flow-Through / Sampling mechanism where we draw/pump the sample into the monitoring station or via direct immersion of the sensors into the sampling medium.

Data Transfer to CPCB/PCB using Central Monitoring
and Alert Software

Highlights and advantages:

Measuring principle for COD, BOD, TSS Multiparameter Sensor: Double Beam UV-Vis spectrometry Long term stable and maintenance free in operation Automatic cleaning with compressed air Only company to provide a extended warranty on the sensors Excellent repeatability/accuracy and system stability Automatic adaption during matrix change and removal of interferences such as Turbidity, TSS, Color etc The Analyzer's accuracy does not have interference due to Color, Turbidity/TSS and Chloride, inorganics and changes in waste water sample matrix. Automatic noise removal and access to validated data. Low power consumption and ability to run on Solar Power with supply ranging from 10-30 VDC for solar systems Each parameter has independent analysis, validation, calibration & data transmission. BOD, COD, TSS, Turbidity, TOC, Cr are actual values measured by the sensor and not calculated like other sensors available in the Industry Multiple calibration options with unlimited calibration points. Facility for Remote Online Calibration Capable of operating autonomously for prolonged periods of time Our analyzers are able produce analytically valid results and flag sensor faults The sensors are robust and rugged and is capable of operating in variable and extreme measurement conditions, and still maintaining its calibrated status The entire monitoring station including the sensors and hardware is tamper proof The analyser records all operation information in log files Has non-volatile data logger for recording at-least one year continuous data.

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