Mist Evaporator (Mist)


Gen-mist EvaporAtor is a customised mechanical enhanced evaporation system which is the most cost effective solution for evaporating the water including RO reject. It is specifically designed and engineered for continuous use, and will reduce the tailing pond water level naturally and economically. The working principle of this system is based on a jet of finely atomized water carried by a stream of air generated therien.

Our mist evaporator is made with the quality components and materials with specialised nozzle configuration and resilient coating which can tolerate high TDS water and high industrial conditions. Any desired volume can be managed by using multiple numbers of units. The existing site conditions and the pan evaporation rates are used to calculate the efficiency of each unit required to reach the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)


  1. Concentration of RO rejects.
  2. Concentration of Industrial Effluent.
  3. Concentration of Pharmaceutical Products.
  4. Concentration of food, beverages and dairy products.

Cost effective solutions to water and wastewater issues

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